Matt Pétrin new song One Night ft. Belly T.Lopez

March 22, 2010 One Night will be released, the song features Belly (CP Records) and T.Lopez (Cash Money Records).  Here is a picture of what went down while Matt Pétrin’s visit at Belly’s studio this pass week.
Matt Petrin & Chris Labelle
Picture by Dustin Pictures (Urecords 2010)

Video by Dustin Pictures (Urecords 2010)

Here is a sneak picture of Matt Pétrin photoshoot 2010.
Matt Petrin Photoshoot 2010
Pictures by Barbie Austin 2010



  1. Matt Petrin is gonna be one of the biggest artists to hit the airwaves in a long time…his versatility as far as his range of talent (singing/beatbox/mcing) is almost unmatched. When it comes to his singing and beatbox ability, he is just as good, if not better then most leading industry professionals. The part that really separates Matt from the rest is his efficiency in the booth, his strong ability to perform his music live to the quality that it sounds on the record, and his all around down to earth attitude. I have had the pleasure of hanging out with Matt several times, even taking in a few live shows/demonstrations, and I can honestly say that if anybody deserves an opportunity to reach the whole world with the distribution of their music it is Matt. Though he has this gift, unlike a lot of people who decide to put all their eggs in one basket and chase their dream primarily, he has been able to balance both creating a network in the world of music while at the same time achieving academic success in the field of bio chemistry. Keep an eye out for this cat….as you can see from this footage featured he is surrounding himself with the right people that will hopefully help catapult Matt’s career to phenomal proportions…as you can also see here, he has teamed up with Belly in this footage…his resume also consists of collaborations with the likes of Bonnie Tyler (Total Eclipse of the Heart), Jehvon Paris and Daniel Richter (Eleven Past One). At the end of the day the product is what is most important, and as you can also see based on the footage this track is gonna be a smash hit…..Please support this artist on his rise to stardom as he is clearly gifted and ready to take on the world! Check his youtube channel under the title “Bordway” as well as the various facebook support groups you can be a part of. Shout out to Dustin (Matt’s Manager) obviously for helping to facilitate Matt’s journey thus far…keep doing it big bro! Good luck Matt! Peace

    Eazy Rick
    Dead Celebrity Status – Tour Manager

    • Thanks for the nice comment about Matt :), I’m sure he will appreciate those kind words!

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