Rime Canadian R&B Bilingual Singer


Rime’s passion for writing and singing developed at a very young age. Without thinking of it as a potential career, she found herself day-dreaming that someday she too could be performing on stage, just like her idols. It was only at the age of 12 that she gave her first performance in front of a public. She shared with them her composition of french and arabic written by lukay Hit-Mayka: an RnB piece, a mixture of French and Arabic, reminiscent of her morroccan origins. The overwelmingly positive response she got from that experience gave her the strenght and motivation to pursue her dream further.

Since early 2008 Rime has decided to work on her first professional recording with the team of Music Media Factory Inc., a new recording label offering a flavor of urban, R&B and hip hop. With Striger Laurent as the main producer and surrounded by many world renown producers, Rime is now able to provide a top quality R&B album with an exclusive sound unavailable elsewhere. With sensual ballads and dance songs that make you move, Rime will charm many with her stunning Arabic look and her angel-like and yet powerful voice. In addition, she won gold on Karl Wolf’s song Yalla Habibi in Canada beginning 2010. Her debut CD release Émanci[passion] is scheduled to be released spring, 2010.



  1. Would it be possible for you to remove that flyer of rime of the show at Tonic (Due to false Information) and update the description section you wrote where you mentioned “her composition of french and arabic” to “a composition of french and arabic written by lukay Hit-Mayka”it’s only fair that the correct information be written out of respect for the one who actually wrote the song which happens to bethe Hit-Mayka Lukay.The people who booked her made a mistake, and by time it was brought to our attention it was too late. It was very rude of them to not make research on who wrote the song and say that she wrote the song when he solely wrote the entire song himself. Things this such can lead to lawsuit for misinformation on promotion.

    Thank you for your comprehension


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