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Williz was born in Hamilton, Ontario then later moved to Toronto at the age of 4. Then, moved from Thornhill to North York back to Thornhill then to Richmond Hill where he resides now with his loving parents. He was introduced to hip-hop by his father at the age of 8. The first songs ever introduced to him by his father was Funky Cold Madina by Ton Loc. As years went by it went from not only listening to hip-hop but involving himself by writing music.

From time to time Williz has always had people looking down on him because he was a young white male which was not really expected of him within the scene at the time. He rapped with a few guys then decided to form a group, who he had around him which then became Orbit-X. They broke up and went their own ways. Williz has performed at various venues such as Operah House, Reverb, Thornhill Community Center, and as a young teen he also used to perform for the other kids at Silver City in Richmond Hill. Wherever there was a group of people dancing outside the theater at the time, he knew, before he even saw with his own eyes that it was Williz doing his thing, those were the times.” Now Williz is trying to get noticed by releasing mixtape’s, singles, whatever he can. He has already presented his skills on the “HILLTOP MIXTAPE VOL.1, I.Rep Canada mixtape Vol.2 featuring Drake, Timbaland, belly + others from the Canadian hiphop scene. He has a collection of numerous records he has made throughout the years.

Williz dream is to get signed to a major label and show the world that anyone can make it and with the money from music he would contribute to the less fortunate, himself, not through foundations. “He just needs to be given a chance. He is not here to ride nobody’s coat tail, he is here to pave a path of success for those who are less fortunate as he once was struggling and striving to make it to where he believe is destined to reach.” His inpsiration comes from 2pac, Snoop, Kurupt, Daz, Game, 50. If you have any questions or concerns just email him, outlaw711@hotmail.com or leave him a msg on facebook.

WILLIZ – POTENTIAL (MUSIC VIDEO), released May 15, 2012

Like Williz on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tharealwilliz
Follow Williz on Twitter https://twitter.com/TheRealWilliz
For Williz Youtube Videos http://www.youtube.com/user/MrWillistheking


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