About WBFF Atheltic Competition & Karl Live August 25, 2012 in Toronto Live on Pay Per View

In the past the biggest bodybuilding and fitness Federations have adopted the concept of a four tier system. To their determent, this system downwardly promoted athletes and sustained the system. As you are aware, any athlete that came up through the system this way could go down the same way at a great financial cost and loss of self esteem.

It is the goal of the WBFF to change this archaic way of promoting the athletes and create a system that promote amateur athletes on two levels and ultimately to a professional status. This concept is the basis on which the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation will succeed. Along with the aggressive promotions and financial rewards to the athletes/models, this concept will ensure a healthy company that eventually will become a world organization. The core management, with a strong background in entertainment and promotion, support these concepts.

WBFF  has a strong understanding of the industry and will capitalize on both the strength and weakness of the current system. What this means to the athletes and models is a venue that reinforces the need to perform without the stigma of losing status or position. The system also rewards the athletes and models financially, through aggressive promotion and sponsorship. During the year, using the resources available to the WBFF, athletes will be given exposure to the public in night clubs, radio and television promotions, as well as magazine advertisement and nutritional retailers.

August 25, 2012, Karl Wolf will be at the Toronto WBFF Athletic Competition Live and will be seen worldwide on Pay Per View online.


Karl Wolf WBFF Promo Teaser, released May 5, 2012

For more information about Karl Wolf go to http://www.karlwolf.com/welcome.html
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See Karl Wolf Youtube videos http://www.youtube.com/user/KarlWolfVEVO/ & http://www.youtube.com/user/karlwolf2007
For more information about WBFF go to http://wbffshows.com/
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