Ricky Jay Biography & Do It Official Video

r12 rickyjay_doit2

With a world of talent and big dreams, belongs to a new breed of
artists who know no creative boundaries. Within his contagious array
of unique and hardworking ability, Jay has managed to boldly rattle
ground throughout the eastern united states.

Jay first broke out in the entertainment industry (in 2006) when he
was being sought after both by Lou Pearlman of Transcontinental
Records (responsible for signing N’sync, Backstreet boys, and Britney
Spears) and Christian Dio of Caliber Records (who has done remixes
Michael Jackson and Mary J. Blige) for a spot in the mix of their
projects they were both working on separately. After much prayer he
decided to work with Dio of Caliber Records in a boy band called
UNITED. Through that time he was able to meet and work with people
such as Andrea Martin (song writer/voice coach who has worked with
Whitney Houston and Mariah Cary) and Glenn Douglas Packard (one of
Britney Spear’s choreographers). Even though the boy band project
folded due to some personal choices of some of the band members, his
career continued to rise, with breakthrough performances that have
broke down barriers for small-town boys everywhere.

In 2008, Jay left the entertainment market and began pushing his
success in other avenues as he took leave for a church mission trip.
Through that he has gained a better out look on life, become more
confident in his own talent and abilities, and fully realized the
blessings that are in store for putting God first. Now with Ricky back
on track to pursue his passions, he is in hopes of landing a record
deal , but in the mean time works as an independent artist to make
ends meet. (Jay’s song writing abilities and vocal range have proved
to be one of inspirational notice.) His his hip hop dance moves and
stage presence that is sure to catch your eye.

Ricky Jay continues to accomplish what the entertainment industry
throws at him. He has successfully pushed his dent into the
entertainment industry, inspiring noise on many levels. Recently in
2011, Ricky had the honors of opening up for, grammy nominee, J. Cole
on his college wide tour and is getting Radio Buzz in the south-east.
In addition, at the end of March the “Make It Happen” album was
released, which can be found on Itunes. On top of that, Ricky has also
blasted to the top as a R&B nominee in the 2012 Carolina Music Awards.
Whatever it is required, he creates it & makes things happen. Steadily
rising as a music luminary, giving proof to the dream that living what
you love can become a reality.

Ricky Jay Do It, Published on Jan 4, 2013. Buy this song on Itunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/do-it-single/id590959195. Song written by Rickey Jarman (ASCAP). Music by Ray J.

Like Ricky Jay on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ricky-Jay/372984477527
Follow Ricky Jay on Twitter https://twitter.com/RickeyJarman
For more Ricky Jay videos got to https://www.youtube.com/user/ricksinger124?feature=watch


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