Soash Harrison Martin Luther King Kong & New Verse on Soundcloud, Upcoming Videoshoot and Launch

After his single Moscow Soash Harrison is back with a new song Martin Luther King Kong with Chase Moola and Atoduh. Lookout for the release of his latest video in 2012. The video Montreal and the rest of the world is waiting for!

Soash Harrison Martin Luther King Kong released  June 8, 2012

Listen to Soash Harrison Verse as well on Soundcloud

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Soash Harrison EveAccess Shoutout

While partying a a spacious cruise boat alongside Daddy Yankee back this summer. Soash Harrison took the time to shoutout EveAccess. Request Moscow ft. Royce Holiday everywhere.

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Soash Harrison Biography

Hustler. Songwriter. Lyricist. Analyst.Hippie. Genius.
These words all connect through one name: Soash Harrison.

Born in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, Soash Harrison was exposed to music at an early age. Soash’s father used to put on 98.1 fm….the oldies on everynight when he was younger, it served as a much needed interruption to the sound of gunshots.”

Soash’s mother was never around. His father raised four kids with the undying aid
of his mother(Soash’s Grandma), Grace Wilson. He says listening to other genres
of music, being exposed to different cultures and experiencing life helped mold his musical sound.

Most of Soash’s music is reminiscent of his childhood. Though he finds himself trying not to refer to the absence of his mother as much, she always seems to creep into the subject matter:

Soash  started rapping while watching mtv jams and bet in the early 90’s. He used to write rhymes against his brothers in the late 80’s. He would always talk about positive things at first, because he was young and pure. Then when Soash got older and exposed to different things, it broadened his lyrics, and subject matter. He started rapping because he was always said to be funny and quick witted. Soash thought if he can diss people, make the masses laugh, and/or embarrass people, he could be an MC. Soash was always fly, no matter what his income was  or what his clothing selection was. He was thought to always be keen and fast with his replies of the top of my head.

Moscow Soash Harrison ft. Royce Holiday released  April 5, 2011

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Black Onyx Entertainment Indie Label


Black Onyx Entertainment is new Indie Label based in Philadelphia. The label includes new Hip-Hop/R&b artists such as:  Eli Shakur, Royce Holiday, A’apral McLean, Chaz Avo’n, Soash Harrison, Young Rell. Black Onyx Entertainment was created by Ceo Trio, Dre and Dmzhay in 2009

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