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Jeremih Felton 23-year-old rapper has planted his own flag among the glittering banner acts at Def Jam: “I feel like I’m on the best label I could be on; I’m not intimidated by anyone musically, and I’m honored and inspired by the artists around me. There were a lot to choose from, a lot of labels were interested in a short period of time, but I didn’t get this far by making bad decisions. And to be blessed with L.A. Reid’s thoughts and even his critiques, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

So the stage is set for Jeremih’s sophomore album, All About You, dropping September 28th. The singer/ rapper/producer/multi-instrumentalist has again aligned with producer Mick Schultz to deliver eleven songs long on sophistication, sex appeal, and even some old soul. “Mick and I have a great chemistry; we entered the game together, and we have albums’ worth of music,” Jeremih imparts. “I want him to get known too; I’m not selfish like this has to be the Jeremih show. This album is a great showcase for his ability as well as my own. Once people hear this album, others will recognize what I recognized in him and reach out for more of what we create.”

What they create is a sonic palate ranging from subtle savoir-faire to unapologetic, house-shaking climax. First single “I Like,” featuring labelmate Ludacris and co-written by Keith James, is pure babymaking bliss. Jeremih’s uncanny falsetto wends into Ludacris’ irresistible, irrepressible flow, bobbing and weaving with Schultz’s bubbly, scaled-back rhythm. Elsewhere, the titular track is a languid 4/4 offset by sawing high-octave synth riffs. But Jeremih’s vocals, smacking of a young Michael, steal the show. Rare is a falsetto this controlled, this textured, this evocative. Listen for it also on “Take Off,” what Jeremih terms a relationship record told from the lesser-heard male point of view: “Guys have feelings too, guys get hurt, and this record expresses that. There’s a point when we feel like we’ve done enough in trying to work this out, and now it’s best if I take off for the both of us. I can say I been there, but I also hear this from a lot of peers. Women can relate to it too, even if it’s not from their perspective.”

“Down on Me” featuring 50 Cent is a supersmash in the waiting. 50 unleashes an insistent, machine-gun flow, while Jeremih contorts himself through some outrageous vocal acrobatics. His voice, spiced with an island cadence, bends and stretches about one of the nastiest hooks R&B has seen in quite some time. “Down on Me” is definitely a song to be up on. “I’ve always respected 50 and always wanted to work with him,” Jeremih notes. “I wanted to reach out to a couple artists who could bring to the table what I know I do.”
Jeremih doesn’t lack for confidence. Nor should he. A native of the unforgiving Southside Chicago ―“a city full of talent”― streets, Jeremih kept to a positive path, honing his prodigious musical chops on saxophone, drums, and piano. He graduated high school a year early and enrolled at the University of Illinois as a prospective engineering major. Bookworm by day, beatmaker by night. “I write off beats,” Jeremih reveals. “I’m a producer myself, that’s how I thought I’d initially get into the game. After a while, I just got to writing to the beats. And at the time, I was rapping, not singing.” Indeed, the U of I campus couldn’t hold Jeremih; he transferred to Columbia College, one of Chicago’s preeminent creative schools.

“That’s where I met Mick Schultz and started vibing with him,” he continues, “And began singing over his beats, because that’s what a lot of his stuff called for at the time. But singing and rapping both came natural; that stemmed from playing instruments growing up. Playing the piano taught me how to sing, or at least how to sound out, reach, and hold notes.”

Jeremih holds notes, and court, on All About You. The album has a depth, a sense of growth, an exploratory side. “The Five Senses” is a slow, sultry firestarter featuring Jeremih’s peerless tone. Then there’s “Broken Down,” full of ominous piano chords and cadenced like a frozen moment in jazz or soul lore. And “Holding On,” the subsequent track: “After being broken down, you gotta keep holding on,” Jeremih affirms. “It’s about trying to see the future when you’re going through something in the moment that’s getting you down. I played this for my Grandpops and a lot of older listeners and they really responded to it. I’m proud of this song and how far I’ve come as an artist.”

Jeremih has other reasons to be proud. Concurrent with his album release, he’ll be appearing on the second season of BET’s popular series, Rising Icons. Icons, presented by Grey Goose vodka, pulls back the curtains and chronicles the lives of rising stars, both at home and on tour. Jeremih will share the spotlight with fast risers such as J. Cole, Estelle, Laura Izibor, and B.O.B. Elsewhere, he’s been honing his pen game for other ballyhooed newcomers, including Jenna Andrews, for whom he and Mick wrote “Tumblin’ Down,” her debut single on Island Records. “I write what I feel, and with the pitch of my voice, I can write for a man or a woman,” he states. “My voice just has the ability to do a lot of different things.”

Speaking of different things, fans yearning for even more Jeremih can cop the Deluxe version of All About You, available via iTunes and featuring several tracks not on the physical CD. Expect also a Jeremih mixtape, on which the young star does as much spitting as singing: “I rapped a little on my last album with ‘Raindrops,’ and people asked ‘Who was that?’ Now, I have some new stuff that I went hard on that just didn’t fit with the theme of this album. So I’m looking forward to the mixtape to let people see that side of me. A lot of singers try to do it, and it can either A) turn all your fans away like ‘You need to stick to singing, fam’ or B) get you respect as being able to do both. I can put rhyme to a melody and have it accepted.”

It’s been a whirlwind couple years for Jeremih, first setting the Midwest ablaze with his indy anthem “My Ride,” following that up with the RIAA-certified platinum “Birthday Sex,” a nomination for an American Music Award, and now, an imminent sophomore album. “I’ve almost traveled the world in a year, and that’s an amazing experience. I now know what to expect this time around. When I do shows, I perform every song off the last album. People still want to hear those songs live, and those are from a year ago. So I’m excited to see the response to this material.” Jeremih recognizes that without his dedicated fans, none of these amazing experiences would be possible. That is why, on September 28th, he would like to tell each and every one of them it’s “All About You”.

Jeremih EveAccess shoutout & Spring Fling March 10, 2012 at Olympia of Montreal

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Roxbury & Courvoisier Proudly Presents: Jacynthe live performance this Saturday, December 15th, 2012


Roxbury & Courvoisier Proudly Presents: Jacynthe live performance this Saturday, December 15th, 2012 only at the hottest new 90’a club on crescent..Roxbury Montreal! Jacynthe will be performing her hit This Is The Night, One More Time and Give It Up, songs that had a huge success back in the 90s. For GueslistS & table reservations  call 514.583.7990. The venue is located at 1432 Crescent, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 2B6.

Jacynthe Millette-Bilodeau (born September 13, 1979) in Quebec City, Quebec is a Canadian pop singer who records as Jacynthe. She records material in English, French and Italian, and has had Top 40 hits on both the anglophone and francophone pop charts in Canada. She lives in Montreal. Jacynthe is best known amongst adults for starring, along with Anne-Marie Losique, in the Québécois version of the reality show The Simple Life, called La Vie Rurale.

In 2006 she toured with the Cirque du Soleil in their very first arena tour, Delirium. She left the show in May. She appears on the show’s album, which was released in June 2006. In 2011, Jacynthe released her fifth studio album, Dévoile qui tu es, her first in eight years. She is now in studio to record her follow up English album. In 2012, her song “Feel” featuring Victoria Duffield peaked at #1 on the Tops 25 Radio BDS Francophone.

 Jacynthe – This Is The Night – Whammo Music – Released in 1997 was #5 in the dance charts and got a Juno nomination

 Jacynthe – One More Time – Whammo Music – Jacynthe’s first Top 40 song on CHR Radio in Canada released in 1998 and it was Nominated for a CMA in 1999

 Jacynthe & KC from the Sunshine Band – Give It Up – Whammo – Jacynthe released this song in 1999. The video was filmed entirely in Miami, South Beach and KC from KC and the Sunshine Band not only recorded, but also appeared in the video. It was Jacynthe’s first #1 hit on the radio

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We Day in Toronto September 28, 2012 at Air Canada Centre with artists: Lil JaXe, Captain Hooks, Hedley, Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Hudson, Al Gore, Martin Sheen, Shawn Desman, Spencer West, K’Naan, Jesse Giddings, much more

We Day started their tour in Toronoto, September 28, 2012 at Air Canada Centre. Hosted by Much Music Jesse Giddings, host and sponsor for this event. Shawn Desman did his usual opening We Day songs and Dance in front of 20,000+ people. Many speakers such as Justin Trudea, Martin Sheen, Honourable Sinclair and much more came together to talk to children about different social issues such as poverty, diseases, redefining the impossible, me to we.

Youth standing outside the Air Canada Centre waiting for We Day to start September 28, 2012

We Day host Jesse Giddings welcomes the crowd, September 28, 2012

Flashmob dancers lead the crowd in a rousing We Day Dance Toronto September 28, 2012

Thousands of pounds of food were collected at We Day to support local food banks at 2012 We Day, Toronto September 28, 2012

A story by a five year old who has a disease where there is a zinc deficiency in their body, the child will not be able to live his fifth birthday. Tweet I want to help and save a life @ZincSavesLives, 50 cents will go to the charity to save a child with zinc deficiency in their body! The story of third world countries striving for hunger and walking each day to find food and water such as Kenya, India, Africa.

Shawn Desman performs Nobody Does It Like You and gets the entire crowd on it’s feet. We Day September 28, 2012 in Toronto

Jacob Hoggard from Hedley performs their hit song One Life for the We Day crowd, in Toronto September 28, 2012

“While acting is what I do for a living, activism is what I do to stay alive”  -Martin Sheen- We Day September 28, 2012 in Toronto

“There is no can’t. No won’t. Only how.” Spencer West shares his story of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this past summer as part of his Redefine Possible campaign. We Day September 28, 2012 in Toronto.

Hedley performed One Life which set the mood to We Day, to give hope to youth to do what is right in their hearts. While Nelly Furtado performed The Bigger The Better and Anbody Out There With K’Naan sending a message of reaching out despite difference in view, join forces. Lil JaXe, Toronto Lone Wolf rapper came on stage with a short speech about his stuttering disorder and how music saved his life and performed alongside hip hopper Captain Hooks. Jennifer Hudson sang her soul out and performed and up beat song to get the children dancing.

Youth pledge their ONE DROP to conserve clean water We Day September 28, 2012 in Toronto
The entire We Day crowd does the We Day Dance September 28, 2012 in Toronto at Air Canada Centre

K’NAAN and Nelly Furtado give a surprise performance at We Day, in Toronto September 28, 2012 singing Anbody Out There

“This generation without borders is going to start a revolution”  -Romeo Dallaire- We Day September 28, 2012 in Toronto

The We Day journey continues as they head over to Vancouver. Both events will be streamed live online at allowing people from all over the world to tune in. You’ll also be able to watch the MuchMusic broadcast special premiering on Sunday, November 11 at 7 p.m. ET on MuchMusic and Saturday, November 24 at 7 p.m. ET on CTV.

“We Day is all of you. The few, the dedicated, coming together to change this world!” We Day Founders, Marc and Craig Kielburger share their message of WE during their keynote address. September 28, 2012 in Toronto.

Hip Hop 13 year old Lil JaXe spoke about his stuttering problem and how music saved his life and free-styled one of his songs alongside Captain Hooks. Toronto Air Canada Centre September 28, 2012

Jennifer Hudson closed off the show with a powerful performance of Night of Your Life and Hallelujah. We Day September 28, 2012 at Toronto Air Canada Centre

Liz Trinnear, Phoebe Dykstra, Karl Wolf, Lil JaXe, Captain Hooks after party. We Day September 28, 2012 at Toronto Air-Canada Centre

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Karl Wolf Canadian Urban Music Artist of the Year 2012 for DJ Gonna Save Us ft. Mr OxXx, Lil JaXe, Fito Blanko Performing at TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto

The One To Watch Music Awards September 22, 2012 with Canadian Urban Music Conference is hosted by MTV host and comedian Dave Merhaje. Presented by Z103.5 TorontoWith with headline performance by Karl Wolf, winner of the Canadian Urban Music Artist of the Year with DJ Gonna Save Us (produced by Beat Merchant and directed by Brian Finley)! Meet The Winners Of The 2013 Music Awards. Young Canadian artists will take the world by storm in 2013. You should keep these driving forces on your radar. Join them as they recognize their work in the music industry. This event starts 8:30PM to 11PM at TIFF Bell Lightbox (70 Yorkville Ave, Suite UR1), is Sponsored by MiiScan. Arrive no later than 8 pm.  Those who are late risks losing their seats. Performance by the 2013 award-winner including: Karl Wolf , DVBBS, Zolo, Fito Blanko, Queen of Hearts, Shi Wisdom, A-Game, Culture Shock,  Devon Tracy, Lil Jaxe, Linda Luztono, Quanche, Sheking, Lucas Teague, Chach, Lincoln Blache. With Special Dance Performance by Ambitious Movement.

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Jacob Nouveau/ Clip All The Way avec Claudia Bouvette au USA | Vidéo EveAccess | Karv l’Anti gala JVM Productions

Ce vidéo All The Way parle d’un amour qui reste malgré les embûches et qui est patient et attent le bon moment. Un amour qui sera toujours là et qui fera touts pour le mot si doux “amour”. Jacob et Claudia Bouvette (Mixmania 2) forme un duo flamboyant pour ce vidéo, le début du vidéo on perçoit Claudia et Jacob au cinéma, avoir du plaisir. Par la suite, on perçoit Claudia qui apparait dansl’écran du cinéma comme un ange qui chante à Jacob.  Vous pouvez demander ce vidéo sur les ondes de Musiqueplus

Jacob est présentement aux # 1 au USA, après une entrée fracassante au Panthéon mon vidéo-clip All The Way v/f avec Claudia c’est classé #1 du Panthéon Franco parmi tous les vidéos intronisés.

Jacob is  currently in the US, with his video All The Way v/f avec Claudia Pantheon, it is ranked # 1 Franco amongst all Pantheon videos inducted.

Jacob sur EveAccess pendant le Salon Jeunesse le 2 mars 2012

KARV, l’anti.gala 2012 par JVM Productions

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Jacynthe Dans L’inconscience Video & Promenade Fleury Show/Spectacle September 8/le 8 septembre 2012, Stéréo Clip

After her hit single Stereo, Jacynthe comes back with her third single Dans L’inconscience. Dans L’inconscience is available on CKOI Top 6 at 6 Jacynthe recently collaborated with Victoria Duffield for her song Feel in french and went #1 on the charts. Jacynthe also performed at various event with Victoria Duffield such as ReFresh and Karv Anti Gala 2012. Saturday September 8, 2012 Jacynthe will be at Promendae Fleury for the side walk sale performing. The venue takes place at 1473, Fleury Street East, Montréal (Qc) H2C 1S3 near Sauve Metro at 7 PM.

Après son hit Stéréo, Jacynthe est de retour avec son troisième single Dans L’inconscience. Dans L’inconscience. est disponible sur le 6 à 6 sur CKOI Jacynthe a travailler avec Victoria Duffield sur sa chanon Feel, qui sest rendu au numéro 1 sur les palmarès. Jacynthe a aussi performer à plusieurs événements avec Victoria Duffiield tel que au ReFresh  et Karvi Anti Gala 2012. Jaynthe sera à la vente de trottoir de la Promenade Fleury, le samedi 8 septembre 2012. L’événement prendra place au 1473, rue Fleury Est, Montréal (Qc) H2C 1S3 near Metro Sauve à 7 PM.

Jacynthe – Stéréo – (Clip Officiel) released the/sortie le January 12/le 12 janvier 2012

Anti-Gala – FEEL – Victoria Duffield & Jacynthe released the/sortie le September 7/le 7 septembre 2012

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Ryan Stevenson Live at Light Ultraclub September 1, 2012 | Living Supperclub Charlemagne, QC September 2, 2012

Labour Day Saturday, September 1, 2012 Light Ultraclub presents, Bang The Drums with Ryan Stevenson. Montreal’s number 1 drummer! Music by Miss Shelton and Keith Dean. For table reservations or guestlists, text  514-991-2582. Do not miss your chance to see Ryan Stevenson drumming to his latest single Addicted, where he is featured with Mohombi and Craig David.

The long week end party continues with Ryan Stevenson September 2, 2012 at Living Supperclub. The event will take place at 115 Boul. Céline Dion, Charlemagne, Quebec J5Z 4P8. For reservations and guestlists call 514.357.2860.

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